Epoxy Floors Dallas

Why are so many people choosing epoxy floors in Dallas?

     If you own a house in Dallas and have been trying to decide which type of new flooring you are going to have installed in it, have you considered epoxy floors? 

After all, there is a reason why epoxy floors have become such a popular choice in Dallas in the last few years. So much so, more people are now having epoxy floors installed in their homes than they are in their garages. 

What are epoxy floors? -- If you have been told epoxy floors may be the right flooring for your home, you still may not know what they are. 

An epoxy floor is a resin that is poured onto your existing cement floor, spread out and smoothed over and then left to dry. Most floors dry in less than 48 hours, and are then able to be walked on. 

Why are epoxy floors so popular? -- Homeowners like them as they are cheaper than hardwood or marble floors. They are fast to install, they are durable and they look very nice. They can also be mixed with any color of stain so, essentially, you can have epoxy floors in any color you want. 

You can even mix a texture into the epoxy resin before pouring it onto your floor, so that a textured floor is possible as well. 

People in Dallas love epoxy floors as they are resistant to heat, and Dallas can get very hot in the summer. 

Where can you have epoxy floors laid? -- You can have them laid in any room of your home starting with the garage and moving into the house. 

Dallas homeowners have these floors laid in their kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms and even in their family rooms. They look great in any room, especially if you accessorize them with rugs or carpets.

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